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Launched in December 2016 by Leika, a company that has specialized in therapeutic surfaces for 30 years, the Leia mattress’s mission is to enable as many people as possible to sleep better. To achieve this, we focus on the quality of the components we use and we continually innovate.

For us, the origin of our components is essential. Not only to ensure better quality control, but also to stimulate the local economy. The foams used in our mattresses are made in Quebec and are of medical quality. Our Leia cover is also made and assembled in Quebec.

Designing a mattress is a complex process. A great deal of testing and research goes into the final product. Once a mattress has been designed, it can’t be right for everyone. Everyone has a different preference and physiognomy, so the design of the ideal mattress for everyone varies.

That’s why we’re constantly working to expand our range of mattresses. Each Leia mattress has its own specific design and features to meet specific needs and preferences. Our service is also there to guide you through our mattresses and recommend the one that’s right for you.

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